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A big YouTube hit makes startling predictions about the Islamification of Europe over the next few decades and has been viewed more than 10 million times. But can you believe what it says?

This seven-and-a-half minute video “Muslim Demographics” uses slick graphics, punctuated with dramatic music, to make some surprising claims, asserting that much of Europe will be majority Muslim in just a few decades. It says that in the past two decades, 90% of all population growth in Europe has been Muslim immigration.  Read more

The above data is a few years old now – the BBC report just cited is dated 2009 but some people think the issue remains live.

Is Christianity dying out in Europe? Or is the Islamification of Europe a mere myth?

It’s certainly true that Muslims are publicly faithful to their beliefs. They stand out (literally) from the crowd, proud of their distinctive dress, and they keep to their strict prayer regime (five times a day) even if that means arranging special permissions, such as pupils being released early from school to attend Friday prayers at the Mosque.  

So, what do you think – even if the figures quoted in the video turn out to be – as the BBC claims – a “myth” is it possible, likely even, that Islam will become the main religion of Europe in the not too far distant future?

Has the Catholic Church’s recent emphasis on inter-faith dialogue, the frequent praise of non-Christian religions, encouraged indifferentism among Catholics? Should we be concerned about the possible Islamification of Europe or, in the new spirit of “dialogue” and “tolerance” does it really matter? If we’re all going to Heaven anyway, what difference does it make if Europe is secular, Christian or Islamic?

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  1. There is no way Muslims are going to take over Europe, not in our lifetime. For a start, there are roughly 5 million of them in France and Germany, yet only around 30% practice regularly or consider themselves devout, that’s only 1.5M, compared to 2.5M practicing Catholics in France and 3.5-4 in Germany. They are the two largest denominations of Islam in Europe. The country in Eastern Europe with the highest population is Poland with 40,000, compared to 40% or 14M practicing Catholics, and the lowest is Latvia, with 2,000. Poland’s Muslim figures apply to Portugal and Ireland. Also people say Sweden is going to be taken over by Muslims. WRONG- 15% of their population is foreign born, but they are mostly Catholics from Poland, Croatia, but a lot of Muslims from Bosnia and Somalia, but they are a smaller %. Also Catholicism is the fastest growing religion in Scandinavia, and one of the fastest in the UK, with over 6,000 converts over the last two years. In Eastern Europe, all religions are declining in the West, and was completely destroyed in parts of Eastern Europe. Islam in Bulgaria and Romania was destroyed, 48% of Muslims in Bulgaria eat pork. I don’t think a take over is going to happen.

    Pius X

    • Are you sure your figures are reliable. I am sure I read some years ago that more people go to the Mosque in France than go to the Catholic Church.

  2. I think the Bishops need to be preaching more about contraception. The Catholic birth rate is dropping. The impression is now given that it’s perfectly acceptable to have 1 or 2 children. How, there are some who will follow the Church’s teaching on this matter and still only have 1 or 2 children. This is a different matter. This should be the exception.

  3. On the other hand, Petrus, some families seem to do very well for offspring, thank you very much, without a single Bishop preaching a word on the topic!

  4. Of course one should be concerned about the Islamification of Europe. I am frustrated and sorry, now that this topic has come up, that I haven’t a better memory. All I can do is say that I have, in the past, read a number of responsible demographic analyses pointing inexorably to the conclusions reached less responsibly in the video. On a subjective level, living close to areas of high Muslim immigration, I have seen, in the last thirty years a fairly rapid ‘Islamification’ of my corner of north-west England. I certainly don’t see it as a virtue that They stand out (literally) from the crowd, proud of their distinctive dress. Rather their sartorial and linguistic separateness are but outward signs of that separateness from the unclean infidel enjoined on them by their religion. Don’t swallow the PC version of ‘peaceful Islam’ before you’ve read a good translation of the ‘holy Qu’ran’!

  5. If you haven’t read Robert Spencer’s ” not peace but a sword” I recommend it highly! It will give a perspective that will make you rethink the question – are the crusades really over ?

  6. Yes indeed, Father. I’d recommend all of his Politically Incorrect Guides on Islam, which, although they’re on the New York Times bestseller list don’t get so comfortably past the Brit’s thought police.

  7. I’m wondering why the blogger who asked for this thread hasn’t contributed to it. Not the first time that’s happened and so we are re-formulating our policy of response to particular requests for topic threads. Re-formulating along the lines of a uniform “No!” response in future!


    When I referred to the Muslim’s pride in their distinctive dress etc, I didn’t describe it as a “virtue” – it’s simply a fact. They do not shy away from putting their religion on public display. That’s a fact.

    scottish priest,

    Must check out that book – sounds interesting. As long as I don’t need to take out a mortgage to pay for it, I’ll buy a copy.

    • You won’t need a mortgage (go to Amazon), but you’ll never know whose black list you’ve been put on for buying it!

  8. I am the guilty man, the one who asked for this thread but who has hitherto not commented upon it. I lodge a special defence of alibi, as I have been in bed for the last twenty-four hours with what I can only think is food-poisoning. A letter of excuse, signed by Mother, will be on the headteacher’s desk on Monday morning.

    Concerning Islam and its seemingly inexorable rise in Britain, the situation is extremely complex as it is worrying. It has to do with, among other factors, the decline in Christianity concomitant with mass immigration and a low birth rate among the indigenous population.

    Concerning the decline in Christianity, I do not always agree with Damian Thompson, but we must thank him for publicizing Michael Nazir-Ali’s comments on Christianity, secularism and Islam (, published recently in the Telegraph. If one has a glass of wine to which one continuously adds water, there quickly comes a point at which the wine ceases to exist. So it is with Christianity in the British Isles. The water started being poured into the wine with liberal Protestantism as far back as the 1950s (on a popular level, for if one knows one’s Newman one sill be aware that the antecedents of this go back much further), but many Roman Catholics were itching to catch up and the Second Vatican Council and its aftermath provided the liberals with excellent campaigning weather.

    Liberal Christianity seeks to make the Gospel conform to the world, not viceversa. Thus the Gospel is stripped of the supernatural: Christ is just a man, at best a prophet; his miracles are not to be taken literally because the are not true (they cannot be, for that would fly in the face of science), but just figments of a primitive literary imagination; idem for his foe, the Devil. As for the Church, it ( not ‘she’) is just a loose federation of the Friends of Jesus of Nazareth. And the liturgy? Just the re-enactment of things past, which probably never took place anyway, with no efficaciousness in the present. And the Resurrection? The principal miracle naarative which has no basis in reality. At best God gave the disciples the power to believe that Christ rose from the dead. And eternal life? Sorry, but we don’t really know very much about that. And anyway, salvation would have to be inclusive of everyone, regardless of his merits, otherwise God would be cruel. So what are we left with? An insipid, mincing mess.

    In the light of the above, is it any wonder that people have voted with their feet? Liberal Christianity is many things, but it is above all sterile. It begets only the spiritual desert which is Britain today.

    Concerning secularism, it is in itself a highly complex phenomenon, but we must not fall into the trap of thinking that the rise of secularism is just the consequence of a weak Christianity. We should never leave what St Paul called the mystery of iniquity out of the equation (2 Thessalonians 2,7). There is a whole spiritual realm out there, the mystical body of Satan, which is adverse to Christ and his Gospel and works unceasingly for the spiritual destruction of mankind.

    Concerning mass immigration, I will just say that it is not racist, pace the EU and the BBC, to love one’s country and its culture, or to hope to pass them on unblighted to future generations.

    • I looked at the link you posted and I agreed with the comment about “whitewashing Islam”. People keep calling it a religion of peace but the peace verses in the Koran (most if not all) come from earlier versions of the Koran and not the final versions – the way it works, the later verses replace the earlier ones which say the opposite. Islam will look like a religion of peace if you read the usual quotes given to back up the argument but if you check the later translations, those verses no longer stand.

      This does not mean that ordinary everyday Muslims are not good, peaceful people. I’m sure they are. But when quoting the Koran, you need to know to check the later verses, not just take the earlier verses at face value.

  9. Excellent post Firmiter. I am sure that all on the blogosphere will rejoice in what you say, particularly your last statement. But I still don’t think that Islam will replace Christianity because of French secular laws a la headscarves etc, the rise of the far right, and the fact that traditionalist and conservative Catholic movements are growing i.e Opus Dei, SSPX, Society of St Peter, and the fact that in Eastern Europe, Portugal and Ireland, there are not many Muslims. See my 1st post. The only nations with Muslim populations over 1 million are: the UK, Spain, France and Germany. Also, I read a report, long lost sadly, that secularism is rising in Muslims and Muslim practise is declining, and the majority of immigrants are from Eastern Europe.

    Pius X

    • That is interesting about the Muslims also being secularised – I tend to think they’re all very staunch in their beliefs but I suppose the younger generation in particular will be as likely as any other young people to leave their religion, at least for a time.

      It certainly seems on the face of it that the influence of Muslims in the public arena, media etc. is on the rise, although it’s maybe a bit the same as the homosexual lobby, they are over-represented in public, in a way that makes them seem to be more in number than they really are.

  10. We can expect Islam and other heresies to arise in the End Times because that is what Our Lord prophesied and under the satanic onslaught from Islam, communism and freemasonry, Christianity can expect more tribulations before it gets better which I think will only occur at the second coming. The surprising thing about Islam is that so many people believe a creed which contradicts itself. In one part of the Koran it says there is no compulsion in religion and later it calls for killing the infidels. It says strike at their necks which is what happened in Woolwich and in France recently. It says a man can have 4 wives but Mohammed had more than 12 one of which he married when he was 51 and she was 6. When you try and have a debate with muslims about this they say the text should not be taken out of context. The text is very clear. However, there appear to be huge numbers who are converting the Christianity. They have to keep it quiet of course or they will be killed and our politicians keep telling us it is a religion of peace. I don’t think the numbers are important except that many souls will go to hell in the End Times because there is very poor leadership from our wishy washy leaders. If they were as positive about the One True Church as Muslims are about such a violent heresy we would be growing in Europe instead of them.

  11. Johnshacklefree,

    You are right about large numbers of Muslim converts to Catholicism. Magdi Allam and Joseph Fadelle are prominent examples. There was a case in Afghanistan when a Muslim converted, and the Attorney General said ‘Islam is a peaceful and tolerant religion, and we will allow to renounce Christianity. If he does not, we will kill him’. Islam and loving kindness do not belong in the same sentence, and I believe many muslims are Christian in their hearts, but are too frightened to do anything. A friend of mine said Catholics and Muslims worship the same God. I nearly smashed his head in. If we worship the same ‘God’, why the Dickens would he send himself as Christ the Saviour, and then tell some illiterate Arab peasant paedophile savage that Jesus was only a Prophet? You tell that to Muslims and you can see it in their eyes that they want to cut your privy parts off.

    We should pray the Rosary to make them convert.

    Pius X

  12. Whenever an atrocity is committed by Muslims, it is usually the first priority of our PC-blinded leaders to praise ‘peaceful Islam’. Of the butchery, in the name of Allah, of the soldier at Woolwich, David Cameron, on the news today, said that the murder was a ‘betrayal of Islam’. Gimme strength.

    The most useful book I have on this topic is by the American author Bruce Bawer, While Europe Slept – How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within

    Among the comments on the jacket of the book the following is fair and useful:

    Bruce Bawer brings an American’s sensibilities and a writer’s insights to bear on the insistence by West Europeans that they really do not have a Muslim problem. Backed by deep research and wide personal experience, he argues that this blind denial is leading the Continent to certain disaster. He makes his case moderately but eloquently and powerfully. Will Europeans heed his warning?

    Not without the Consecration.

    I’ll bring my copy to the Conference if anyone would like to borrow it.

    • If nobody on the blog takes up your kind offer, Christina, we can announce it at the conference. I’d love to read it but have a backlog of “must-read” literature on my desk right now, so have taken note of title for future reference.

      • Or perhaps not!!!! I had a quick look at the book again after I had posted, and I had forgotten that Bruce Bawer’s reason for leaving the USA for Europe, where he witnessed the Muslim pre-takeover presence in many countries, was that he and his male ‘partner’ wanted to get to our liberal continent so that they would not have ‘faggots’ and other ‘homophobic’ abuse shouted at them, and could have a ‘gay marriage’. Of course they found their haven – especially in Holland. Nevertheless, for those whose stomachs can take this and who can overlook all that revolting bias, the rest is most instructive and enlightening.

        • Yes, perhaps not! Scottish Priest posted a book on the subject which he highly recommends so perhaps we ought to stick with that. Thanks for the initial kind offer and the later, very honest, warning note.

  13. Whether Muslims are ‘practising Muslims’ or not is irrelevant, and the hope that if they don’t ‘practise’ their religion they will become less of a threat to our civilisation is vain and dangerous. For the most part fellow Europeans no longer practise any form of the Christian faith. However their culture and mind-set has been formed by Christianity, and, until very recently, they reflected this Christian formation fully in their lives..

    Similarly, the culture and mind-set of the Muslim, practising or not, remains that of the Islamic world. Based on a repressive theocracy, it is totally different from and alien to ours. The Muslim, wherever he settles to improve his lot in life, sees himself as part of the world-wide brotherhood of Islam – the umma, and his loyalties are to his community and his clan. Outside this brotherhood the rest of the world is made up of infidels or are simply ‘other’. As it was for Allah alone to legislate how society should be run (and as his prophet Muhammed laid down in the holy Qu’ran) democracy and most of our freedoms are alien concepts which simply cannot be understood. Crucially, neither have we any way of understanding their concepts, and so society cannot see that forced marriage, polygamy, repression of women, ‘honour killings’, rape and so on, are not ‘religious’ but deeply cultural manifestations. One does not see ‘moderate’ Muslims, for example, turning out in force bearing banners saying ‘Not in our name’ at the scene of Islamist atrocities.

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