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glasgowmottoThe Annual Cardinal Winning Lecture will take place at 10.30am in the Bute Hall, University of Glasgow on 15th June 2013.  This year the lecture will be given by Archbishop Gerhard Müller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in the Vatican, to mark the launch of the new St. Andrew’s Foundation for Catholic Teacher Education. Read more

I‘ve written to Archbishop Müller ahead of his visit here, informing him of the dire state of affairs that describes itself as the Catholic Church in Scotland. I encourage others to do the same; here’s the address –

Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller.
Prefect for The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Piazza del S. Uffizio ll
00l93 Rome Italy

Time is short, so I recommend getting your letter off to Rome as soon as possible. This thread is to provide an opportunity for everyone to offer suggestions about what to write, ask questions etc.  Here’s one question that springs to my mind: out of all the scandals we’ve suffered over recent years, which one(s) would you include in your letter?  And don’t forget to tell the Archbishop why you are writing to him – to ask him to DO something, use his authority to deal with the crisis of the Church here in Scotland, and by that I don’t just mean the Cardinal O’Brien scandal. Get it? 

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  1. Maybe…. one could bring up the possibility of him celebrating a Pontifical High Mass in Glasgow…. 😛

    Seriously, good job here editor. Obviously I can’t write to His Grace but I laud you for your work here. Grand job.

  2. Athanasius,

    I’ve been encouraged by a priest working in the Vatican to write to Archbishop Muller, and said priest has even given permission for me to use his name, in an effort to drive home the seriousness of our situation. My letter should now be on his desk. Thus, the more letters he receives from others, the better.

    That priest needs to remain anonymous here, but it’s to his great credit that he instructed me to name him in my letter. It’s great just to know that there is such a priest in the Vatican, ambition-free. Paradoxically, I believe he’ll go places!

    • Now that his name is in front of Archbishop Muller, he’ll go places all right. Swaziland on the next ferry, I would guess!

      Seriously, If Archbishop Muller is not fully appraised of the dire situation in this country from his high chair in the Vatican, then things really are bad. The Vatican knows everything. It knew about Cardinal O’Brien a long time before the rest of us. Pope Francis knows what’s going on and that’s why he’s put a hold on the appointment of further bishops in this country.

      But let’s be perfectly honest with ourselves here, Scotland needs an entirely new hierarchy if it is to become Catholic again. The question is not just one of morality, or the absence thereof in respect to a few. Rather, it is about a general hatred of Sacred Tradition throughout the entire Scottish hierarchy. That’s why absolutely all prelates would have to go. I can’t see that happening anytime soon, can you?

      • Athanasius,

        No. I can’t see it happening any time soon. But I want to make sure nobody but Nobody can blame me for not trying to make it happen soon.

  3. Hold on, let me get this straight. Are you:-

    1) Trying to inform ++Muller of the gravity of the situation here in Scotland before he visits;
    2) Trying to prevent him from visiting?

    • Iacobus

      The newsletter is informing him every bi-month of the gravity of the situation here in Scotland. I was encouraged on another thread (old blog) to write to him when news of his forthcoming visit to Glasgow broke, and although I said I would, I didn’t. Later, I received some kindly advice from a priest in the Vatican who thinks that a letter from Catholic Truth at this time – while the iron is hot, so to speak – just might strike home.

      No, we are not trying to prevent him visiting. My letter concludes with best wishes for a safe journey and the hope that he enjoys his visit to Scotland.

  4. I agree it’s good to write to him even if it seems hopeless. It challenges our faith, of course, but we have to make the effort if we want to win graces. Maybe he will take more of an interest because he’s about to pay a visit to Scotland. It’s definitely important to write.

    If I wrote I would focus on the bishops and say that we just need a total clear out. None of them are showing pure Catholicism, all of them are up to their necks in ecumenism and the ordination of women and gay clergy hasn’t changed that one bit. They are blind,

    • Knowing that the Prefect of the CDF reads, from the pen of a Scots layperson, that we need a “total clear-out” episcopally speaking, would be well worth the price of a stamp.

  5. I think Athanasius makes a good point. If Archbishop Muller doesn’t know the situation in Scotland by now (especially after the Cardinal O’Brien debacle) then what difference will it make if everybody in the country writes?

    I understand the point about winning grace but Our Lord also said “shake off the dust”.

    I’ve sometimes wondered when we know that it’s time to “shake off the dust” and move on. This seems to be a good place to find out.

    Is there really any point in writing to Archbishop Muller at this late stage?

    BTW, there is just so much wrong in Scotland right now that I wouldn’t know where to start if I did write to him.

    • Since nobody has answered your question, “how do we know when it’s time to shake the dust” I suggest that the time is not here yet.

      Indeed, given that the Prefect of the CDF is coming to Glasgow in a few short weeks, it’s obviously not the time to go shaking dust about the place.. Wait until he’s gone back to Rome, and if nothing changes thereafter, well, there may be a case for feet up, diet cokes all round and the easy life.

      Until then – onward Confirmed Soldiers of Christ!

      • editor,

        The Prefect of the CDF is himself suspected of holding heterodox views on a number of Catholic dogmas of Faith. He is also on record as demanding the disbandment of the SSPX and is a known supporter of Liberation Theology. Do you really think this is a prelate who has the good of Traditional Catholic souls at heart? No, I won’t waste the stamp on this occasion!

        • I know all of that. And so does the priest who encouraged me to write.

          Maybe it’s called “not letting Archbishop Muller off the hook”?

          After all, I’ve heard even so called orthodox Catholics making excuses for Archbishop Muller. So, let’s see if the proof really IS in the pudding, so to speak.

          In any case, Athanasius, I think you’ve misread the thread article somewhat. Nobody is commanded to write a letter, but asked to help those who decide to do so:

          “This thread is to provide an opportunity for everyone to offer suggestions about what to write, ask questions etc…”

          So, save your stamp if you wish, but I cannot believe that you’ve no suggestions to make to others for inclusion in their letters.


          • editor,

            Ok, I get it now! Right then, I’ll save the stamp and I’ll hold my peace on the suggestions front. My suggestions would never get past the Vatican’s censor anyway!

            It does occur to me, though, that Archbishop Muller probably has motives other than just the launch of the St. Andrew’s Foundation for Catholic Teacher Education for visiting Scotland. That event provides the right opportunity for digging deeper into other matters. What think ye?

        • I agree. That’s why I don’t write to the Catholic papers any more. No use wasting the stamp. They’re all liberals and I’ve no intention of wasting my time writing letters that never get onto the letters page.

          • Right on the button, Editor. This is a high ranking official of the Vatican. There is no way he is coming for a holiday and to open a side-show. He is coming on serious business. That the Catholic Church in Scotland lies in ruin does not require a great scientific mind. He wants to find out if there are any honest clergy left in this land and if he finds one he will build the Church again through that person. He `wants` to know the difficulties and will welcome your comments. The Vatican is beginning to mean business.

  6. Athanasius,

    Since my gifts do not include the gift of reading minds hearts and souls, I’ll hold MY peace on the possible motives behind the Archbishop’s visit ! I guess you mean the scandals (Cardinal O’Brien/Bishop Devine) – could be…

    On the suggestions front, though, it is interesting that a reader (i.e. a lady who doesn’t write on this blog but reads it) told me that she’d been “inspired” by this thread to write to Archbishop Muller before his visit to Scotland.

    She’s read the suggestions so far but asked me for my opinion about her sticking to her own personal experience in her own parish etc. I said “of course – go ahead”.

    So, anyone else reading this who thinks it might be worthwhile writing to Archbishop Muller ahead of his visit here, feel free to write to him either on the general “we need good bishops” front and/or simply recounting your own concerns about the dissent evident in your own parish/diocese.

    I remember once my then parish priest announcing at Mass, following one of the shock-horror votes in Parliament about one of the life-issues (cannot recall which one) that in conversation with our local MP, she had told him that she had not received a single letter on that topic from anyone, let alone any Catholic. I hung my head in shame along with everyone else. My excuse for not writing had been along the lines “there’s no point”… I’d forgotten that there’s ALWAYS a point. It’s spelt D U T Y …

    By the way, one of the very interesting things the reader said to me in yesterday’s telephone conversation was that she struggles to write a letter. Takes her ages, she said. Yet, she is not going to let this opportunity pass. It’s spelt Z E A L…

    I was once told by a very reliable source in the Vatican that the Scottish bishops paint a picture of a very contented laity, to the authorities in Rome. If there is no evidence to the contrary, then, naturally, the powers-that-be will happily accept that false picture.

    So, thanks to all you have written or plan to write to correct that false image – especially the lady reading this blog who finds letter writing such a struggle. Your effort may not seem to do much, if any, good, but it will – without doubt – bear spiritual fruit, spelt G R A C E…

    So, thanks to one and all – those who are writing and those who have made suggestions for matters to include in letters. As for the rest, well, for those with “eyes to see and ears to hear” this thread – at very least – provides another way of discussing the problems in the Church.

      • I didn’t miss it. I’ve already addressed that above in answer to someone else.

        Look, nobody’s forcing anyone to do anything in this crisis. Just don’t discourage others from acting. Please and thank you.

  7. It will be very interesting to see if the visit of the Archbishop is kept low key, as I suspect it will be. There will be the usual photo-shoots and bland statements about the fidelity of the Scottish Church to the Holy See, except this time nobody will be fooled, not even the gullible media hacks.

  8. I was amazed — but should not have been, of course,—- at the headline in the SCO; ‘Vatican Supports Scottish Teacher Training’ as this is disingenuous, although Archbishop Muller is coming to Glasgow to give the talk and so on. It is painting the visit in the wrong light, as it implies all is well on the educational front; and any interested person knows this is far from true, in regard to the passing on of the Faith, in this field, as it is in most others in Scotland.
    I believe that the Vatican will now know that Scotland is in desperate straits. I think anyone adding to the knowledge by giving that person’s own experiences in the past twenty or more years, can do no harm —and might just — might just shed a glimmer of light. I think so anyway.

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