Welcome to our new-look blog.

Welcome to the new look blog which is a work in progress. The design is not completely finished, so be prepared for further changes/improvements.

Unfortunately, webmaster was unable to save our posts, but – always something to be glad about – this allows us a fresh start in a number of ways. Not, sadly, in the content of our first topic:  below  is a fresh look at the Cardinal O’Brien scandal, thanks to Ms Deveney who just can’t get herself out of the limelight…

Unfortunately, too, although. webmaster had saved the usernames to import,  for technical reasons this proved to be not possible. So, everyone will need to re-register. Sorry about that, folks.

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  1. Hello everyone, welcome back.

    This new blog is a work in progress, so there will be more changes.


  2. Madame Editor,
    The log in process certainly tested me, but perseverance paid off and here I am – occasional blogger though I may be.
    Congratulations to the web master on his own perseverance in what must have been a very frustrating few days, as if his own daily routine was not enough in itself. Well done Webmeister.
    I wish the new format blog a very long and well-populated life.
    Losing the previous postings was a blow, unavoidable though it was, but in a way it is like having been to Confession – clean sheet and all that!

    • A very good way of putting it, leprechaun – “like Confession – a clean sheet…”

      Chance to start afresh, be polite to everyone, try not to annoy the alleged liberals. Yeah right!

      Sorry about the log-in process but, as I’ve now posted top of thread, webmaster did all he could to import the usernames. For technical reasons, he decided it would be better for us all to re-register.

      Thanks to those who have done so already. We’re off!

  3. Don’t like the new blog. Too simple, too user friendly. Like Sheldon Cooper on the ‘Big Bang Theory’- ‘I don’t like that’. Also I had to re-register-annoying. I will hopefully get used to it.

    However, deviating from my original reason for coming on this fine day, what is the Church’s attitude to the death penalty? I know St Thomas Aquinas supported it, as did Pius XII. Also, could someone explain to me how and why the Church views Orthodox orders and rites as legitimate, when it views Protestant orders as illegitimate.

    God bless you, and grant us all patience in navigating this new blog.

    Pius X

    • Sorry about the re-registering folks. Webmaster had saved the usernames to import but for technical reasons this proved to be not possible.

    • Pius x,

      rather odd reason not to like the new blog – “too simple, too user-friendly”? That’s why we selected it out of the many other versions available!

      As for praying for patience in “navigating this new blog” – there’s not really much difference! Improvements will be added as and when, but if you are really dead set against any change at all (like these disgraceful Traditional Catholics) then maybe this is not the blog for you – we like to hit the ground running, into all the latest gimmicks etc.

      I will be posting a General Discussion thread soon, Pius X so maybe your questions could be addressed there, although if anyone has the time to answer them here, feel free. Right now, I need to be elsewhere. This is just a “welcome and touch base” thread, but if you just can’t wait for the General Discussion thread, feel free to discuss death penalty, Orthodox rites – whatever – as you will.

  4. Dear Editor

    It’s not that major a thing, I will get used to it. Like you, and our learned friends on this venerable forum, I don’t really like change, religious, political or otherwise. We are all cut from the same cloth. Can’t find a Douay Rheims Bible at Waterstone’s.

    Pius X

  5. Can anyone advise how to get the comments/entries RSS on an iPhone? Could click on it fine with my old Blackberry, but it seems to require an app on this thing.

    • Crossraguel,

      Sorry, I haven’t a clue but perhaps webmaster will know – will have to ask him, could take a while.



      I’ve just remembered (and I hope my memory isn’t playing tricks) that 18 May is the day you first took the world by storm… hope you had a wonderful day.


      • Editor,

        Many thanks for the belated birthday wishes. Yes, I took a step closer to my free bus pass yesterday, although I fear that by the time I get there they’ll have changed the age to 95!

        I don’t know about taking the world by storm on the day of my birth, which was in the year 1962, Pope John XXIII stole my thunder with the commencement of the Second Vatican Council. Still, the good Pope and I did have one thing in common – we were both born obscure peasants!

        It’s a pity you forgot to send me my many happy returns cheque, but I’ll settle for a gratis meal and a doggy bag at the Conference!

    • Crossraguel,

      I’ve had a reply from webmaster about this. He writes:

      I’d have t investigate that. Why not search the help on the app store? There may be an app already there…?

  6. The blog does look good. I have to take issue with Pius, because I like things to be simple and user friendly!

    • The blog may look good but if it doesn’t pick up soon, I think we’ll rename this thread “Hello & Goodbye” and close down altogether!

  7. Now I have my avatar sorted as well. Not exactly the same as before but close enough.

  8. Athanasius,

    Belated birthday greetings.

    The new blog puts the avatars on the left hand side, which in my case left me looking the wrong way, so I did a reverse flip on mine and then posted the new image through gravatar.com and now, unlike David Cameron, I am once more facing the right way.

  9. Success at last and finally registered. It will take me some time to get used to the new look, but I think I will like it.

    Athanasius I also wish to add a belated happy birthday.

    • Thurifer,

      It is really very easy.

      1) save the picture you want to use on your computer
      2) visit https://en.gravatar.com/
      3) sign in giving the email address you used when you signed up for this site
      4) follow the simple instructions to download your picture – i.e click “browse” and select your picture from your source
      5) you will see two small versions of your picture on your right hand and a large copy with upward and downward arrows in front of you, the arrows allowing you to resize the picture
      6) when you are happy with the picture, you will be asked to choose a grade – CHOOSE G
      7) come back here to say “thanks editor!”

  10. Thank you all for belated birthday wishes. I appreciate very much your kindness. God bless you.


    I liked your comment about David Cameron and facing the right way. Very good!

  11. By the way, I’m still getting used to the new look of the blog, as I’m sure everyone else is. It would be nice to have some Catholic images like a crucifix and such.

    • Thurifer,

      The new blog is a work in progress. There will be changes (improvements I hope) very soon. Webmaster has created a banner which I think everyone will like, but he has a family and a day job, so we have to wait until he is free to help us.

      Thanks, though, for your suggestion, which will be taken into account as we compile our list of things to do to improve the new blog!

  12. It is great to have the blog back. I have some questions for the general discussion thread. Be back soon. I am confident I will get the answers here.

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